Wide Legged and Bushy Tailed

The past few weeks have seen the final items of the summer sales climb down to fabulously lower-than-low prices (music to my ears). I have found over the years my most prized bargains have been found by awaiting patiently until the very last minute to see prices creep down to single figures in the sales. If you haveth patience, killer bargains you mayeth have! Bargain of the summer: these beautiful pastel pink wide leg trousers (£46 reduced to £15, with another 20% off all sale items coming in at a staggering £12).

To start the transitional period I thought I'd tone down the summer pastel with a more autumnal print, and fell in love with this check shirt, loosely reminiscent of a burberry print kinda! Adding these darker more earthy colours makes for a great summer/autumn hybrid and I'm just loving the pink and this darker check print.

Of course you will spot yet another beaded bag, I have a problem okay, have a love for highly impractical bags and I'm not afraid to admit it! Zara, again and again pulling the bags out of the bag.. I just can't help myself. This bag has no space, no level of security, and no I couldn't care less!