What products to grab when your skin breaks out

I have exceptionally acne prone skin. All I have to do is look at a Chocolate Digestive and I can already feel the deep roots of a new cystic breakout brewing on my cheek. It was September last year I made the decision to come off the Contraceptive Pill for mental health reasons, and the nearing 12 months post pill have been a whirlwind of raised comedones and excessive sebum production. I had of course anticipated a nice hefty breakout from breaking free from the dreaded Pill, but never did I think after almost a year I would STILL be fighting off the spots!

My chin has always generally been a fairly spot-free zone, until August came... Face mapping would suggest this is a hormonal breakout. They tell us in order to balance one's hormones out, give it time, a healthy diet, lots of exercise and plenty of water. Oh and another one, be 'less stressed'! Honeyyyy pleaseee!!! That's all true and great, but I need something to zap these beauties off before the weekend. Do you think a quick jog and a couple of extra litres of H2O is going to get this beast off my chin? Hell no!

Any acne-prone hun will vouch for me when I say, you have likely tried it all when it comes to skincare miracle products. But, I have a few things here I have tested aggressively that have really helped reduce inflammation and dry out spots overnight. Because sometimes you do just need a quick fix for that big event or hot date!

Mario Badescue Drying Lotion:

This is a targeted spot treatment, so use sparingly on broken out areas only as this has alcohol in it and is a strong one! The main ingredient is Calamine which helps to dry out the pimple, also teamed with Salicylic Acid which we all know and love for it's exfoliating properties to clean out the pores. I recommend applying this as the final step in your skincare routine, after moisturising either before bed, or for those days you know you won't be leaving the house or seeing other humans! After my first night of using this product my spots were noticeably smaller in the morning, the bumps had diminished and larger spots had dried out significantly. This little bottle can help speed up the life of your spots ten fold, the usual three-week breakout was only surviving for a day or two before losing the battle against this guy. Just make sure to use sparingly! There are a few products out there with very similar premises, Kate Somerville's Blemish Treatment is also of the same ilk.

Drying lotion tip: this brand and others recommend using a cotton swab to apply this onto the skin. Ditch the single use plastic and just use a clean blending/eye shadow brush, you'll save on he cost of cotton swabs and also extra unnecessary waste.

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution:

So you ate one too many slices of Gouda and have woken up with a whole new host of raised comedones on your previously smooth forehead. No need to panic, this ten minute mask is your ultimate best friend! I never realised the power of chemical exfoliants, and now try to implement this in my skincare routine twice a week. It is strong on the skin and initially during application does sting a little, but don't let this put you off. Once this has been on for ten minutes, you can genuinely notice a difference to the texture and brightness of your skin. The smoothness and softness of the skin after a measly ten minutes is mind boggling, and those pesky comedones appear significantly diminished. After two weeks of consistent use, I would hands down say the amount of new breakouts on my face has lessened and all-in-all my skin is a lot clearer.

Foreo Luna:

Sometimes taking a little bit of extra time out of your evening to do a proper deep clean, can be what your skin has been trying to tell you it needs. A facial cleansing brush is something I highly recommend adding to your skincare stash! A bit more of an investment, but I've had mine for years and it's still going strong. I like to use this in conjunction with a gentle cleanser, La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel is the perfect anti-blemish weapon, but developed for sensitive skin. I simply pop some of this cleanser onto my Foreo with a bit of water and start working it into the skin is circular motions, the vibrations on the Luna help with cell turnover and helps to penetrate deeper into the skin than just a normal wash using your hands. It also helps with blood circulation for fuller, plumper looking skin. I always find if I am religious with both cleaning brush and cleanser together, my pores appear reduced and spots clear up faster. This also helps to prevent further breakouts, which we of course love!

Foreo Luna tip: don't forget the lips! My favourite thing to do whilst cleansing the face is to brush this over my lips in circular motions too, this helps to leave them softer and fuller. Who doesn't want irresistible looking lips right.. it might just detract from that breakout on your chin thats slowly healing!!