Updated: May 18, 2018

Hello, my name is Gabriella, welcome to my attempt at a blog. You are lucky enough to be reading what is in fact my very first post. After some reassessing of my current life situation, there was a distinct common denominator, I wanted a creative outlet to fulfil the slave to all things aesthetic that I am. I thought this might just be the answer. This is a test run, so please bare with!

So why now, and why this? As a twenty something working in the wonder that is recruitment (cost effective job posting – to be precise) in the stimulating, creative hub that is Milton Keynes (all sarcasm), I needed more! Although I am an idealist, I am more so a realist. You won’t necessarily find me packing my bags and running off to Bali bare foot, I do accept my job gives me security and the ability to live independently, I just want the equilibrium; continue with the comfortable, but also prosper in my passions. I think this might just be it.

What you will expect from this little corner of the internet? Personal style and all things aesthetic. I realised my obsession with fashion from about the age of 10 when Mary-Kate and Ashley started becoming ‘grown ups’ and influenced the entire movement of bohemian style in the late 00s. Yes, I was 10, I wanted a Balenciaga bag, and it’s been relentless ever since.