Trend alert: Lusting over Leopards

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Prints in the summertime go hand-in-hand, this year we've seen a parade of polka and a gaggle of gingham, but there has been one print in particular that intrigued me the most, and that's leopard! In complete honesty, these jungle spots were never on my radar (I was always team Baby Spice), but now all I long for is to look exactly like Janice from Friends (you know the scene where Chandler takes her shoe, those flares are iconic).

If I had known leopard could be this fun to style, I would have started my new obsession a lot sooner (i'm coming for you Janice!). I've put together a couple of outfits that totally meow all things feline and show some fun ways to add this print into your wardrobe in a quirky and colourful way.

This first outfit consists of a maxi dress purchased from Zara, teamed with a contrasting pastel shirt I thrifted from Sally Army a few months ago. Here, I have attempted to turn a shapeless and boxy dress into a more feminine silhouette by tying the shirt in a knot at the waist, always a great little trick to make your waist appear like you haven't eaten as many ramen noodles as you actually have! This Baby Spice pink adds a great juxtaposition to the mass of leopard, it's the perfect combination of Baby meets Scary Spice, zigazig ahhh yes!

Next up is this beautiful & Other Stories dress I snapped up in the sales. This has been a fun addition to my ever-growing leopard collection with it's puffy sleeves and slightly sheer fabric. Also quick tip: cut out the slip dress attached inside the dress and get effectively two fits in one, the quality of an & Other Stores slip dress is second to none, and totally wearable on it's own! I added a pastel batwing sweatshirt to break up the print, also because for some reason the UK doesn't feel like the Mediterranean anymore (classic dissatisfied Brit). One last thing, I haven't taken off these sliders since I ordered them from Asos last week, so inexpensive, and literally go with everything!