The Style/Comfort Equilibrium

I've clocked up a few miles dotting around the country the last few weeks, spent in a stuffy fiat Punto.. the dilemma of still fulfilling one's need for style and elegance is compromised when cramped and bag-laden with Sweet Chilli Sensations being fed to you whilst attempting to figure out which one of twenty-seven lanes you are actually meant to be in!

I can't tell you how much I have been lusting after H&M's Trend collection recently, and this combination seemed to do the trick in answering my car traveling needs! The overall colour palette being pastel tones and patterns of nudes, mustards and browns, if you buy one piece from this particular section of their website, you are bound to find this making an everyday outfit seem more chic!

Here I have teamed one of their pastel yellow oversized sweatshirts with a pair of striped wide leg trousers; these trousers are part of a co-ord with an awesome jacket I thoroughly suggest you check out! The balance of soft sweatshirt over wide leg trouser meant I was in the up-most comfort in the midst of my car driving stresses, but also still feeling sassy!

Sweatshirt: H&M

Trousers: H&M