Swapping Clothes with Friends

Sometimes life can give you lemons, or it can decide to throw said lemons with fair force in the direction of one's face, and with a failed attempt to dodge, the answer is to get right up and throw them back. We have risen from the grave that was my blogging hiatus, and I'm ready to start giving it the attention it deserves. When times are a bit crappy, it seems more apparent than ever that you certainly aren't going to need to throw all those lemons alone. Friends are there to help every step of the way, and this is where I limply land on what I wanted to talk about for this blog post...

I have become more and more diligent with my high street purchases in the last 6 months. I am always on the hunt to find interesting ways to reuse, thrift and generally champion the cause of second-hand shopping. You can find me on Depop, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, flea markets, charity shops but, I had never thought until this last month about swapping clothes with friends!!

Last weekend my delicious friend Sian arrived at my little house with a box filled to the brim of goodies she was otherwise going to donate to charity. It really did feel like Christmas arrived a month premature. Some of the amazing pieces thrust upon my very lap were items I was completely besotted by. Likewise, this has happened in reverse and my goodness, seeing someone fall in love with your old pieces brings one whole heap of happiness.

Let's call it a layer cake of fashion fulfilment. It doesn't even have to be a permanent thing either; swapping one coat for another, for example, could be a monthly re-exchange, or a biannual bonanza. Crack open a bottle of bubbles and let the fashion shows commence, seeing a friend fall head over heels for an old dress you couldn't have cared less about, really is a fabulous feeling! Also, a great night in with the pals, naturally pretending to be Sarah JP crawling on the floor, we all deserve to have our Carrie Bradshaw moment right?

This whole exercise can reignite the love for your old pieces or your friend's old pieces. Anything we can do to get the most out of our fast-fashion faux pas! Also, I have gained potentially 5-10 new pieces in my wardrobe for a mere glass of wine and a warm hug, what's better than that??

This is now where I talk about this slam dunk of a jacket. Sian, I will be eternally grateful for bringing this item into my life. I believe it's an old Zara pleather number, but this colour arg! I kept the rest of the outfit simple, this bag making another appearance because of this plumb hue matches oh so perfectly with the tones in the coat.