Spring Transitional dressing: How to keep things exciting in the... wardrobe

I had initially written this post over a week ago, but, since then things have escalated at an unfathomable pace, and you know exactly what I'm referring to. Now whatever I had written before seems a little insignificant.

In these testing times whilst we worry about our job security and the health and safety of loved ones, we might have overlooked one small glimmer of hope, Spring is rearing its tiny head. The days are finally getting longer and the temperatures a little warmer. It's important to see the glass half full during times of uncertainty and upset. So as a new season approaches, let's get excited about our Spring wardrobes. If we are forced to self-isolate, let's at least make ourselves feel better in a killer outfit whilst doing so.

The glimpse of warmer climes does come with its qualms, however. What does one wear to cater to this changing season? My general advice would be to avoid making any large clothing purchases until Spring feels in full force and all collections are within reach. We're still feeling the cold, but we're bored of the Winter wardrobe we've bundled ourselves in for the past 3/4 months. There is little point in buying that coveted fluffy jumper now my friends. Just hold out for a few more weeks and you'll be moving those extra insulating knitters to the back of the wardrobe before you know it.

How can we feel inspired to wear the same damn coats and jackets for any longer amidst this fashion limbo? There is a way to 'zhuzh' up used and abused outerwear, simply scramble for your nearest belt and wrap that bad boy on the outside of your coat and adjust until satisfied. Voila, same coat, completely different silhouette.

The chunkier the coat, the better. I've always had a bit of a thing for a belted coat or any general sinching of the waist when it comes to outerwear. But to belt coats not originally intended for belting has opened a whole new world for me! I thrifted this khaki number in one of my go-to charity shops at the beginning of Winter. It is a sizable puffa of sorts and was crying to be worn in a new way. I have now fallen in love with this piece all over again, mission accomplished! Teamed with some old faithful vintage Levi's and some comfy Adidas Rivalry's.

Stay safe xx