So cycling shorts are a thing now..

The trusty cycling short has evolved ever so slightly from the days of school PE and solely being used to cover one's modesty whilst wearing ill-fitting tennis skirts. They now appear to be a fashion statement all of their own. So yes, Love them or hate them, cycling shorts are a thing now. To rub salt in the elasticated, breathable cotton wounds, we're seeing them in every print under the sun if this short wasn't controversial enough. But, done in the right way, I think these little numbers can look pretty cool.

After making a small order from our friends at Topshop, I wanted some cycling / biker shorts just to try out in preparation for a festival pencilled in this Summer. After this weekend's hot spell, I have found them more than useful for just festivals. I thought I would show you guys a little outfit I've been enjoying that is a super comfy summer look.

When wearing something so small and tight on the bottom, it's best to balance this with something a little floatier on top. This is a vintage sailor-esk shirt I bought an age ago. Simplicity on top lets the shorts do the talking with this leopard print. The great thing about a fairly neutral top and bottom, is that it leaves room for a more colourful accessory. Here, this Topshop bag gives me total 90s/00s summertime vibes along with these awesome platform slides.