Re-discovering old autumn pieces

Before we start rushing off to spend our hard-earned money on the latest season's trends, I encourage you to take this time to do a little rummage in one's wardrobe first to see what we used and abused last Autumn. It's been a good 4 months or so of not being able to wear your favourite outerwear pieces during the luke-warm / sporadic hot days we like to call 'British Summer'. Suddenly the old wardrobe can give us a bit of excitement as we blow off the cobwebs on all of the old-favourite woollies. This is an exercise I encourage you all to try; assessing one's old Winter wardrobe with fresh, post-Summer eyes, can give you a whole new perspective. You can see the gaps in what you think you might need for the coming months more easily, and of course, where you might need to cull in others (cough, my unhealthy obsession with fur faux coats, cough).

This duster coat has been a much-loved part of my wardrobe for a number of years. I found it in one of my local go-to charity shops for a mere £4.99. It's the perfect light-weight jacket for this time of year, and the high street will be crawling with similar variants for quadruple the price. Ironically, I have found some of the longest-standing pieces in my ever-changing wardrobe, are those found in vintage or charity shops, who'd have thought!