Playing with Pastels

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Continuing on with our wonderment of out-of-character weather in the uk, I have almost completely eliminated all realms of darkness from my wardrobe and instead it looks like Mothercare exploded! Everywhere reeks summer, which isn't usually my forte season! But this year, instead of the fear of short-shorts and cropped tops for days, I've felt an equilibrium of fulfilling the summer getup with my use of colour instead.. with a little less pasty skin on show!

Mint + peach, a new and fun combination for me, with both clothing items found in various charity shops. Although I can fall victim to the fast fashion frenzy from time to time, I know where my true love lies, and that is with the old. I have no doubt in my mind you will find an item of clothing in every colour of the rainbow in a vintage store, and this is why it is highly conceivable there will be at least one item in every outfit of mine that has lived through the 80's.

This hat is also a fun season-appropriate edition to the outfit; straw hats line the shop fronts of most high street stores this time of year, you will never find it hard to find a statement hat like this for cheap during this season. As a winter hat person (bakerboys, berets and fedoras to boot), this gives me some temporary fulfilment until it's cool enough to encase one's head once more in itchy wool!

And finally, the bag: you might notice another beaded handbag creep into one of my blog posts, and I am so not sorry! It's such a great way of adding effortless interest and texture into any outfit, and this one matches the vintage MG (note to self, match accessories to chosen motor vehicle where possible.) Although this one is no longer in stock, Topshop has a great selection of well priced beaded babies to choose from on their website if your budget doesn't quite stretch to the much lusted Shrimps Antonia options.