Oversized Outerwear

We're halfway through January already! That means for all of those who aren't drinking alcohol or eating bad things, aren't spending money, or whatever it is you're attempting to limit in the month of Jan, you are almost there, just a few weeks to go! Considering this month is notoriously the most depressing month of the year, when traffic density is as thick as PVA glue and we're getting at most 3.5 hours of sunlight a day, I'd say I've been in pretty good spirits.

I've been gravitating towards a particular colour palette as of late that consists of beiges, browns and fairly Autumnal warm tones, so yes, all-in-all, it's good to see I know what season it is! I wanted to show you all this amazing cashmere/wool coat that makes me feel like I should be walking the dogs in one's country estate, perhaps even a pheasant feather in one's fedora and some hunter wellies.. just to clarify, this is make-believe, I live in building surrounded by concrete and carparks!

This look adheres to one of my previous blog posts where I tap into my 'Winter uniform': simple jeans + top, then let the coat do the talking. In these pictures my coat is saying 'this wind is too much, go inside'. I found this gorgeous piece in, surprise surprise, a charity shop. I bet you're tired of hearing me say this sentence, but I love thrifting okay, especially when I find items of this quality. It's so heavy, beautifully lined, is a cashmere/wool blend and even has the option to remove the faux fur collar if desired. I would say a wool camel coat is a must-have essential in everyone's wardrobe, for boys and girls. This is what I like to call a trendless piece, it isn't for short-term fashion fulfilment, but instead a coat that will work with your wardrobe year-after-year. Camel is a great transitional, universal colour and it pretty much goes with everything: pastels, blacks, neons, sparkles, denims, the list goes on. Me being me, I would recommend checking out your local charity shops first. A lot of the time beautiful pieces like this aren't valued perhaps at the price they should be, I think is was about £9.99, it's always worth a rummage!

I also thought you should see my new Dr Martens. I would highly recommend searching for docs on depop if you can't quite afford full price. These beaut snake-print brogues were only worn a handful of times by the seller and I snatched them up for a mere £40! I am still pinching myself, these arrived in near mint condition.

I've also added a thrifted brown shirt with tan vintage bag and these classic American Apparel mom jeans that never let me down. This is definitely something you could throw on for an easy everyday look, whether for a casual day at work, or to run about town to do your weekly errands. I am aware my hair is slightly skewiff in these pictures below, mother nature decided to blow up a storm for us it seemed, any sister with a fringe will understand!