Killing the clash

This week we have been spoilt with unbelievable sunshine us brits usually can only dream of! It isn't necessarily quite the same when stuck in rush hour traffic in a non air-conditioned Fiat, peeling one's legs off the seat after that hefty commute! But, enough stereotypically British never satisfied hoo haa. Let's talk about this outfit!

If anyone else has been noticing this recent use of clashing colours all over Instagram, whether it be in art or interior design, it's a trend I've been loving and lusting for, and has been a fun and easy one to incorporate into my own wardrobe! My closet has made a drastic change over the last few years; it used to be a cave of dark and muted colours, navy blues and greys, the furthest I'd go was burnt orange at a push! Definitely a reflection of that time in my life, since meeting my partner I've injected more colour into my wardrobe than I thought possible, ain't that sweet!

Now let's have some fun with colour. My thought process was, okay I want to wear this mint shirt (bought from a charity shop for £2.99). Q: what colours sit at the opposite end of the colour wheel from this? A: Reds/Oranges. Q: What do I have that's kinda this colour? A: Oh look, vintage suede skirt with killer fringed hem! Genius!

Now having the foundation of hideously fabulous clashing colours, I thought I'd add in a mustard plaid blazer (bought vintage from ASOS Marketplace), ya know, just to add some more unorthodox combinations into the mix. I just love the outcome though! Its a really fun way of delving into the depths of your wardrobe and falling back in love with old pieces by wearing them in completely different ways.