January sale purchase: The Story of the Western Wonder

This might be considered a short and sweet boot-based way to introduce the blogging year. But little needs to be said when it comes to this girl and her footwear.

Instead, I'm going to tell you a short story that will have you on the edge of your seat, so grab a cup o' tea and get cosy:

It was September 2019, a young novelty-boot-obsessed blonde sat in front of her iPhone ready to pass the time with some online retail therapy one afternoon. She stumbled upon the new A/W 2020 Zara collection and scrolled in awe at the spectacle before her. Amidst a flurry of sequins, pleathers, velvets and faux furs, she stumbled across something that could potentially change the course of her wardrobe world forever; there sat the most beautiful pair of cowboy ankle booties she had ever laid eyes on. Bedazzling cut fabrics of shining metallic gold and green in the softest leather, with classic western detailing. A statement, but totally wearable for everyday looks, and the heel height looked low enough to comfortably drive in them without being clutch heavy!

'Dang it, £119' she gasped, as she quickly checked her bank balance, generally always keen to find a way to justify such a purchase regardless of how many precious pennies sat upon her Lloyds online banking app.

The months went on and the tab to her ultimate footwear find remained open on her Safari browser. It wasn't until early January she thought to have another little glance at her beloved booties to find they had in fact been reduced in the sales.

'It cannot be' she cried with excitement, 'ah, £79.99 is still a little too much for me'

And yet the tab remained open.

However, a week later the very boots she had lusted after for months and month had been reduced to a mere £39.99. She hit the order button quicker than you can say 'bargain' and within 24 hours they arrived. Seeing her booties in the flesh for the first time was like two long-distance lovers being reunited for the first time in years. They were even more perfect in the flesh.

The moral of the story is to go and grab these babies before they sell out in every size because it seems they have changed lives okay!!

Stay tuned for how this novelty-boot-obsessed blonde will be styling these bad boys x