How to: Transitional Dressing - Boots

Does it not feel like this year is metaphorically a spherical object that was pushed off a hill? To elaborate slightly, I mean I feel like it's gradually building speed as it reaches it's finish in a few months time, and I'll be eating mince pies and wearing thermals before I know it!

I'm here with my final instalment of transitional dressing. This third 'how to' post shows the awkward period where it's even cooler, boots are needed, and the prospect of wearing thick coats just to pop to Lidl is ever closer. My transitional looks are now including one or two pieces that will see me through the winter months whether that be in footwear, knitwear or outerwear.

Let talk boots! From year to year I like to have my staple 'winter shoe' that lasts through the colder months, keeps my tootsies warm, but also looks hella sassy n cute. I find this search a hard one; weeks of trawling stores to find that perfect chunky heel that isn't too high, that cinches in at the ankle the perfect amount, and looks expensive but actually isn't, it's a tough one! Last year I was unsuccessful in my searches and reverted to my old classic fail-safes: the Dr Marten Brogues. But this year I found the perfect winter boots from Zara. I love the fact these fulfil the western cowboy trend of this upcoming season and this entirely exaggerated almost horizontal heel. It's western x10 and I've been wearing these non-stop the moment I got them out the box!

Although these boots are quite a statement, I've found them really easy to work into my wardrobe, keeping with a palette of warm browns and burnt oranges, creams and generally darker, more winter-appropriate colours. This oversized cream coat is a vintage piece I pull out time and time again. My advise when coat thrifting is, never be scared of trying on an XXL, I just love this kind of silhouette that falls of the body in a trapeze-style smock. This is generally a fairly lightweight coat, and of course it's drafty because its so big!

It's a little too warm for big ol' chunky scarfs at the moment. But of course potential neck chills are still possible! The perfect middle ground is to run to your local charity shop and rummage in the satin scarf basket (there always seems to be a satin scarf basket). You will most like find a spectacle of patterns and prints for pennies from decades gone by. Adding a vintage satin scarf can make a plain monochromatic piece like this coat pop, add interest, and no one else will have a scarf like it!

Now jeans, these are a pair of vintage Wranglers I found in Beyond Retro a few years back. I purposefully bought these a little oversized so I could hack away at the bottom and have a wide cropped leg look. (Tip: cut a little guide hole and then let your inner hulk rip the ends off, the messier the better!) I think they sit at the perfect length on the boot and add a slightly 'grungier' element to this grandma aesthetic. When it comes to black jeans, fully black pigmented denim is a little it too harsh for me. I tend to lean towards a more washed black, it just adds a little more depth and the classic jean features are more distinguished.

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