How I'm wearing Teddy Coats

Oversized, snuggly and a total statement, we're all obsessed with Teddy Coats this season more so ever. The infamous Max Mara teddy coat was first seen on Kim Kardashian in 2013 (yes, it was that long ago) and since this moment in time, teddy's have snowballed all the way into the high street. When fashion retailers are replicating pieces like this to the high heaven, you know they have reached true mainstream success. You can now find fleece's and faux furs in that signature camel, and a whole plethora of colours, just about everywhere. And thank goodness for that, as there is nothing better than slipping into a fleecy coat on a cold day!

Me being me, I have a number of teddy coats in differing lengths and colours, I just love the interest in texture for styling, and also the softness brings me joy! I wanted to show you a way I'm wearing one of my favourite teddy's of the moment, this new season Zara button up. I hope this gives you an idea of how to style a teddy, not just with jeans and trainers, but also maybe for work or evening drinks!

As I have mentioned consistently throughout my blogposts of 2019: beiges, browns and all things neutral have been my colour palette of choice recently. I may have blinked twice if you'd have told me my favourite trousers of the moment were brown 12 months ago. But honestly they have been such a fun thing to style into my wardrobe, who'd have though brown went with everything? These were a steel in the January sales from Mango which have sadly sold out, but keep an eye out, as I'm sure we will see a lot more of this tone in the coming seasons.

I have kept the killers boots and the knitwear cohesive with swirly-inspired prints. This knit was in fact my Nan's back in the day. My Nan is very like me with her shopping tendencies and obsession with shoes and handbags, so Nan, thank you for letting me raid your wardrobe! Although both pieces have fairly bold patterns, the colours keep them subtle enough not to be too much in one look.

I wanted to add a handbag that would tie the whole look together, a colour that sat between the chocolate of the trousers and the camel of the coat. This vintage beaded number gave me the answer, the beads add yet another layer of texture against the fleece. I could layer texture on texture for days, it's just the perfect way to add interest and depth to an outfit that is slightly more monochromatic.

And finally, I added a wool fedora from Zara to give this look a slightly cowboy-esk finish, what with the boots, it made sense! Plus, the winter winds have caused havoc on my fringe as of late, and a hat can hide a whole host of hair sins!