Getting back into the swing of things

This first few days back at work have felt like a real marathon. I have struggled to find the strength to crawl out of the warm cocoon that is my duvet in the dark mornings. It was sub-zero on Friday, and so was my flat, I should really get the heating fixed! I am, although completely unjustifiably fatigued, feeling really good about the start of this year. I know I will eventually get used to waking up at ungodly hours once more, and, the sun will stay in the sky longer than 4 hours soon I swear!

January generally starts off as a bitter month for most with little in the bank account, what with Christmas presents to buy and hard-to-resist January Sales, not to mention a whole week of overeating and drinking. This can leave one a few pounds heavier, and more than a few pounds poorer. The 2nd January can feel like the fresh slate we need, I specifically stress the second day of the month as we are all wallowing in our hangovers come New Years day, let's be honest! Our resolution lists can be as long as our arms, but I do like to keep things as close to realistic as possible.

Although there is nothing within the following list that is particularly groundbreaking, here are a few things I do want to implement into my life this year, and I thought writing them down would help cement them into my brain a little better:

  • To be more conscious of my spend on fast fashion per month, and to find more ethical brands to fall in love with.

  • To generally be more environmentally conscious when it comes to waste, recycling and little things I can do to help reduce my waste usage.

  • To eat more healthily, never something I've had difficulty with, but crimbo saw me fall off the wagon, hard. So to get back on track and into a good routine.

  • To consume less alcohol - this leads into me also wanting to be more productive on Sundays.

  • To learn to say no a little more often.

  • To take my exercise routine to the next level - although I have been consistent in 2018, I have found myself coasting, I need to step it up.

If this helps mildly inspire you, then that's more than I thought!

Here lies the first blogged outfit of the year. My main focus when putting together this look was how I wanted to style this fabulous vintage beige leather jacket, my guess being this is a 1990's piece. My first thought is I get total caramel Matrix vibes from this, and wanted to play on this era when putting together a look with this jacket. Keeping things fairly tonal, I thought these leopard wide-leg trousers were perfect to add in some interest with print but still keep things cohesive. I layered up a basic turtleneck, this one is from Zara, with a very old Rihanna concert tee. I went to see her probably a decade ago and honestly have found this t-shirt one of my all-time-favourites to style over the years. Long reign Riri!

For accessories I've added some fabulously tacky clamshell earrings from ASOS, I will warn you now, they weigh a tone, but have proven to be the perfect, in-ya-face Xmas party accessory that has seen me wonderfully into the new year. To keep era-appropriate, I've added my trusty vintage Burberry bag, I didn't even realised until putting this on the leather was almost an identical shade of beige to the jacket, just yes! Although this does incorporate another print into the mix, the colours stick to a similar tonal family as the rest of the outfit, thus keeping everything in line without too much of a clash! Finally, I thought I'd add my trusty Dr. Martens Geraldos for a 90's grudgey finish.

Stay tuned for more fun outfit looks this year, and thanks for all your support so far, let's make 2019 a great one!