Doing Androgynous.

I really wanted to tap into unisex dressing in this post. Regardless of whether trends come and go, dressing androgynously, to me, will forever be timeless. Year after year the 'masculine silhouette' is regenerated in a new way in female fashion; the past two years in particular have seen the rise of the block colour power suit and most importantly, the oversized blazer, double breasted, broad shouldered and tailored. Even from a young age I have never been afraid to scan the rail's of men's clothing stores and even preferred the way certain pieces hung off the body. Now I love mixing both highly 'feminine' and 'masculine' pieces together to contradict or harmonise with one another to make for some awesome looks. Today we can see how much the lack of conforming to a label (whether that be male or female or whatever) has impacted fashion, access to more pieces labelled instead as 'unisex' can be seen all around, and I'm loving it.

"simply because I like it. Fashion really can be as simple as that!"

In complete honesty, I feel my most confident wearing masculine or 'Tomboy' clothing, simply because I like it. Fashion really can be as simple as that! I've put together an outfit here that I feel great in, and the main purpose of this look is to show that literally anyone could wear it! I'm firstly coming at you with a wardrobe staple everyone should have: tailored trousers. There are so many places to find a pair of unisex classics, from vintage to high street to high end. These are an old pair of Topshop trousers, but a similar pair can be found here. When looking for the perfect trouser, I like there to be pleats in the front, pockets, a nice high waist and for it to be slightly cropped to show a little ankle (or the ability to role the leg up slightly to achieve this). But gasp, men wouldn't wear high waisted trousers!? But yes, in fact it could be my favourite thing ever seeing a man tucking in his shirt mid to higher rise trouser. So ultimately a pair of trousers like these are a great base for everyone's wardrobe, they can be worn with everything from heels and shirts to trainers and sweatshirts.

Let's talk about the top half. I wanted to create interest and texture by layering a crisp white shirt underneath a boxy knit. This was in fact a shirt 'borrowed' from my partners wardrobe and it's honestly massive on me, but I love the way the cuffs sit over the hands and the drooping hem at the back sticks out below the jumper. It breaks up the darkness of the blue against the khaki with that pop of white, and smartens the look up slightly. My allegiance will always be oversized over fitted, so I have always found myself wearing my dad's old jumpers, or boyfriend's shirts in preference to my own, and I totally recommend you do the same! This jumper was a recent purchase in H&M, in a size L, which I now have just learnt has been reduced, just my luck! Give me anything with a drop shoulder, boxy bat wing sleeves, and an excess of fabric, and I am a very very happy gal! Never be afraid to size up, oversizing is a genderless but also timeless trend that I feel will always make you look chic.

Yes, these boots are perhaps my best find of 2019 so far. After spending the last year or so lusting over the popular Calvin Klein silver toe plate ankle boots I knew I could never afford, I stumbled across these babies for a mere fraction of the price. There are many high street attempted copies of the steel cap chelsea now floating around, however, Jeffrey Campbell has done it so so well! The shape is so similar to the Calvin's but in a more patent texture, which have been a great addition to any plain black outfit too. These Calvin's are available for both men and women, although the Campbell's aren't available for men, any chelsea boot will look killer with this kind of trouser.

Lastly, this bag I snapped up in the very last of the Mango sales last month, I bought this for it's slouchy relaxed look to slump under the arm and shove everything but the kitchen sink in, contrary to any of the impractically tiny bags I always seem to go for. Fashion month saw so many larger bags being held under the arm in street style, and it inspired me totally. To add in a little interest up top, these ceramic shell earrings were a Mango sale find teamed with some mens AJ Morgan sunnies. Et voila x

I also wanted to credit the very talented Neil McCarty for taking these killer shots for this blog post. Go and check out his work!