Caught on Film

I've wanted to incorporate more film photography on my blog for a while now, but the prospect of committing to getting it developed consistently is a difficult one when working the hours I do. It is also sad how few places offer quick film processing in the area I live, the millennial in me doesn't want to wait 7-10 days! Instead, it'll most likely happen ad-hoc, like little sporadic treats of grainy wonderment! This shoot was a bit of an experiment, but I am all-in-all quite happy with how these turned out. The colours might not totally show true of the pieces I have styled here, but hopefully it still gives you a rough idea of the colour palette I was going for, and almost enhance the mix of textures I wanted to incorporate.

I'm feeling quite inspired fashion-wise at the moment. I will reassure you, this is not a particularly regular occurrence for me. I find there are large patches of time that I really do feel the writer's block of styling, when nothing quite looks right or I've decided I hate every item in my wardrobe. So this bout of inspiration is most welcome! I just wish I had a willing photographer at my side in daylight hours at all times whilst this continues, I'm sure it will be short-lived however.

We must talk about these incredible wide-leg trousers. Fun fact: burnt orange clothing items are my favourite things to style ever, so many colours sit so beautifully against a good burnt orange. I purchased these trousers from Mango in the January Sales, they were then reduced even further about a day after I bought them (sod's law). They're almost a long-line culotte and sit at the perfect height on the ankle. I paired these trousers with this mint green knit from Stradivarius. I was so drawn to this unusual pastel green colour, and was desperate to juxtapose this with warm reds and oranges. This might be a Marmite colour combination for some, but I am a big fan this mix of colours together, and also of Marmite!

To bring out the green tones in the knit, I added this deep green faux fur bomber style coat (this came out a lot darker in this shoot admittedly), an oldy but a goody. This was purchased at least 3-4 years ago in Urban Outfitters after seeing it on SunbeamsJess and immediately needing it that very moment. It has proven to be a staple in my winter wardrobe year-after-year, and has become an even more trend relevant piece now more than ever with the boom of statement coats erupting across the high-street.

Lastly, the shoes! I have lusted after what I call the 'high-neck' ballet flat for years when Cos released an affordable soft leather pair that every fashion gal had. Mango followed suit and I had these babies on my wish list for the longest time but missed the boat in the end. Mango re-released them in new colours this winter and my goodness I couldn't have added these to my basket quicker. They are the perfect transition shoes to ease oneself out of the frosty months and into Spring. But if you're like me and don't mind a chilly ankle if it means the footwear is fierce, then work em' now ;).

You stay sassy now xx