Bomber Jackets: The wardrobe essential I never knew I needed

Amidst the chaos of the winter months (what with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, pre and post Christmas sales, January sales and further reductions left, right and centre) it's easy to be tempted to whip out the credit card everywhere you turn. This year I have been conscious to think long and hard about my fast fashion purchases before falling purse-first into the bargain bonanza that is January. I had been eyeing up this particular piece for a little while, so when I saw it sat there on a lowly sale rack, I knew the fashion gods were telling me to snap it up.

It's the moment you buy something and it just instantly becomes a necessity you couldn't possibly live without and have no idea how you managed without this far in life. The very item described is this here bomber jacket extraordinaire. It's the way the fabric falls at the back, the perfect amount of batwing on the sleeves and yet cropped to the optimum height on the body. It's so magical I could, in fact, shed a tear. The versatility of this beauty I have found has nearing limitless possibilities; from pairing with satin slip dresses to casual denim, it adds the cool girl sports luxe vibe I never knew I needed to every outfit.

Like a few items in my wardrobe, I have found myself leaning towards slightly elevated staples. We have seen the bomber jacket come and go in this trend decade, but this fit challenges the conventional fabric pattern of a bomber, giving it a high-end look. Putting a batwing of this scale on a cropped jacket just takes this jacket to a whole other level. One would assume Vetements or even Yeezy, but alas, this is in fact Zara.

I have included a few other bomber variants that have caught my eye since I've become a self-proclaimed 'bomber jacket kween'! Can we just take a moment to appreciate this shearling collared Weekday beauty? The style queen herself @lissyroddyy wears it so effortlessly below.

1. Zara

2. Weekday 3. ASOS


5. Nanushka