1 year of blogging

It was about one year ago this month I hit launch on my little blog, and since doing so found a whole new whirlwind love affair with blogging. Yes, I am in fact that blogger girl. I now feel I have earned the right to own one of those 'I'd rather be blogging' mugs that floated around Tumblr circa 2009. So I wanted to write a post on my experience of being fresh out the womb, so to speak, in a world of big-time bloggers and macro-influencers.

Prior to the birth of my blog-child, I had been thinking about starting one for about a year but always came up with an excuse as to why I shouldn't: I didn't have enough money, time, content etc. Reading advice from others, I decided to throw these excuses aside and start it anyway. I forced my other half to take pictures of me in our poorly lit living room and wrote my introductory blog post. From this moment onwards, I was completely hooked, and much to my other half's dismay, the sentence 'can you take a photo of me for the blog' has been rattling in his ear ever since. Each week I have found myself excited about blog post ideas and putting together outfits, and in honesty it's been really nice to be excited about something this consistently week after week.

I have had a lot of people ask me how I manage to blog whilst working full time. I'd say the hardest part is finding the time to get photoshoots in, particularly during the winter months when it's dark by 4pm! Even now the summer months are upon us and the evenings are lovely and light, I still, and most likely always will, struggle to find time to coordinate shoots with photographers. I am very lucky to have a Dad that is an awesome photographer, so the majority of the beautiful photography you do see on here is by my Dad. I want to take the time to say, Dad, thank you for putting up with me constantly badgering you in regards to fashion shoots, you're the best! I would not have the blog I do without you! Ultimately, I don't find it all that hard to balance both work and blog. The simple fact is, doing something you enjoy should never really feel like a chore, blogging is what I do as a hobby in my downtime to relax. Once you find that thing that really excites you, that you can't wait to go home and do, then it'll never really feel like you've doubled your workload at all.

I'm so grateful and excited by my ever-growing Instagram following and site traffic. But it isn't something I dwell over to the point of putting myself down that I haven't got enough. I think in an industry where numbers seem to be so integral, it can be easy to compare oneself to others and assume one will never get to where others are. But being Instafamous was never my main motive for starting my blog. Although my blogging family might be considered small to some, I can honestly say I couldn't be more lucky to have such an engaged and encouraging audience. Some of the feedback I have received from you guys has been the most rewarding part of starting this venture. So thank you!

I'm so excited for another year of blogging and to see where it takes me next. To have something to focus on creatively outside of work has been the making of me. It makes me really want to tell everyone if they have been wanted to start something new and scary, to just do it! If it doesn't turn out the be the venture of your dreams, at least you gave it your best shot, and that's pretty darn cool. If it does work out, then yaas! To one and all, you stay sassy now, and thank you all for your continued support throughout this year! Xx