Welcome to my blog! I'm using this thing they call the internet to jot down some creative ideas and log some fashion favourites. We are very much still at the beginning of this journey, so let's see how it goes. 

Although experience isn't on my side, I'm a girl who spends the majority of her spare time ogling over fashion, styling, interior design, art and all things visually pleasing. Maybe I can add a little something to this realm of the web, and have the desperately needed creative outlet I've been searching for. If one of you enjoys what I write and what I snap, what a treat, and I thank you in advance. 

I'd love to describe my style in a sentence or paragraph here, but I'm not entirely sure I can. I'm 25 and still finding myself and my style, some days grungey, some days simple and 'sophisticated'. Muted or vibrant, it can vary as much as my appetite for food, and that's a minefield of needs, wants and desires! Come and follow my journey, let's see what the hell I might be wearing in a year!

You stay sassy now,

Gabriella x